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Gavish GreenLine

Fertigation Control System

GreenLine is an open system that is easily installed, integrated, and operated. It can easily be upgraded to accommodate new configurations and technologies.

GreenLine has the ability to detect equipment faults or severe Set point deviations relay an alert via telephone, beeper or other communication types.

GreenLine provides in-depth statistical analysis and creates a wide range of reports for all essential Greenhouse activity.

GreenLine provides a real time graphical description of a Greenhouse’s equipment and functions.

Authorized Users can monitor Greenhouse activities and control the system remotely using a PC modem.

Sensors  Equipment 
*EC/pH Floats pH  *Valves Pumps
*Soil Moisture         *Fertilizer Tanks
*Water Meter           *Drains
*Fertilizer Meter      *Mixing Valves
*Water Level           *Filter Flush
*Drain                      *Drain Pumps
*Drain EC               *Drain Feedback

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