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Gavish GreenLine

Fertigation sensors


EC/pH M1
Power Supply 24VAC +/-20%, 50/60Hz, 5W
Working temperature environment 0* to 50*C

Range 0-10mS
Output 4 to 20mA (0-10mS), Max load 300 Ohm
Nonlinearity (0-10mS) 0.02
Accuracy 0.04 +/-2% from value EC
Measurement Frequency 1350 +/- 50 Hz
Temperature Compensation Element (inside of an Electrode EC)–PT100

Range 0-14
Output 4 to 20mA (0-14), Max load 300 Ohm
Non linearity (0-14) 0.03
Accuracy 0.05

Width = 156mm
Height = 100mm
Depth = 60mm

•Weigh: 470gr

•Way of Mounting an EC-pH Case: DIN rail
Soil Moisture
Water Meter
Fertilizer Meter
Water Level Floats

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